Nervous but still in.

Still quite early days in uni, things are gradually picking up from a slow start. Manage to fuck up my first pitch, mostly due to my idea not being fully formed. I knew what i wanted to do in my show, i had my basic facts and research on the topic and how i wanted to explore it but i didn’t really know what i was getting from it. If i didn’t know then how could any audience. I guess i probably thought i could just explore the topic and hope to find maybe personal answers rather than a collective answer. The idea was to explore alcoholism in Scotland from a social angle, not a judgemental. Like i had no thoughts to say “Alcohol is great, go do it “ I wanted to dig into if someone’s social life within a Scottish community played a factor in their dependency of alcohol.

Anyway i fucked up the pitch and sat down. Truth be told I was a bit upset with myself.

Recovered well though, i got placed a group project so that will be fun. Currently in Pre-production, i’ll update on that later.

Class morale seems quite good, everyone seems to be jellying okay. I still don’t know most. I missed a week during early October, Not missed much work though. Currently developing my idea for the first 10minutes of a pilot episode of fictional TV. Doing my outline at the moment, going naw bad. Calm and Rationally doing work when i can and make it a routine thing. This will allow me to chip away at outcomes and assessments at a Nice pace. Enjoying it the most probably but it was to be expected since writing non sense is skill i do a lot.

Still got a few projects on the side in development, things with the social, thing with Pirates of inchindown Sound Crew member, Erin. That’s an interesting one, Again No spoilers.

Got into buying Russian lenses, those ones you get a nice shallow depth with. Almost warped background. Still taking photos when i can, most are shite, mind you but every once and a while i get a decent one. I ain’t a photographer or i am? Anyway here are a few links to website of couple Class mates. Both sites contain multi media content and bios. Similar to my own.

James Reid