Getting up at 6 am, for the foreseeable future.

Let’s get the ball rolling. Couple weeks back, i started at Edinburgh Napier university. I was looking forward to this, a story 3 years in the making. Where my adventure into the creative industries began was now coming full circle.

I started with nothing, now i’m back with a year 3 and a HND. Never saw that coming, as i normally imagine myself to be an idiot who just rolls with the punches, but i’m Back. Week 1, Day 1- 1500 word essay with references Due by Friday. What the actual fuck? week 1 was a crash course in basic university standards, More exceptions in your overall work, Especially in academic work. Well, fuck. I feel my overall work ain’t bad but it definitely ain’t the best. Guess i need to try a little harder from here on in. Anyway, turned out the essay wasn’t actually going to be marked and you didn’t have to do it. If you have read anything about me in any of these entries, you know i finished that essay.

Class after first week wasn’t too bad, Met a few new folks. Actually Met someone, Who i spent two months or so editing in Alan Moffat’s Film The New Boss. They were an actor in the film, It’s quite odd meeting someone who you feel like you almost know but don’t.

That week ended with pizza and beer, i had pizza.

Week 2- This week we were put into groups to film Some bands during the build up to a live event. Again, wasn’t ready for. Anyway, trusty gimbal and 50mm and i was good to go, The rest of the team used a JVC camera for the main stuff so i just mainly concentrated on good b roll Filter shots, Alt-angles, close ups the usual kinda shit. I couldn’t make the main show but from what i heard it was a blast.

Again this week i got to meet new people, Lovely bunch. What kinda strikes me the most is how fast i begin to recognise and establish names and faces. I wonder if when meeting new people, how many of us try to establish a common middle ground in topics of interest? Do we basically look for pieces of ourselves within others, in order to make them appear less strange? Again, this could be absolute shit i’m talking. Point is I don’t think i like being Ghosted.

Right so, uni, new people, Bands…bands. Filming the band was nice. Really tossed in, made to perform. Again, i don’t think my work is the best but it’s definitely usable, i’ve checked.

After two weeks, ive got the drive and parking done to an art. Basically i leave at 6:30am, Edinburgh for 8:20am then mile and a half walk to uni uphill. Then i usual chill out with a porridge and wonder if they will ever let me use the big tv in the canteen. I’ve yet to crack the usual sausage jokes with the staff, hardly know them yet. Seem nice enough, always sitting talking at the time i arrive, i might try and join their conversation at some point in the near future. Charm my way to getting an extra slice of bacon.

Week 3- Kinda trying, kinda holding back. New group of classmates to share 2 years with. I look at this as time served, with each day i try a little more or a little less let these people know, i’m here to stay, I’m here to help, i’m here to talk shit, i’m Cry with ( even though i won’t cry, i’ll probably buy you food) I’m here to read something and offer critical feedback and no bullshit. I hope eventually i can develop a nice trusting network of Napier folk, i can do projects with.

The work has been kinda meh so far. After the riot that was hnd, uni feels like a comedown. I think i need to look at this whole experience as something different but equally enjoyable. Just need a good bonding moment which will unite our class into a unit… Anyway back to work, Met some Irish people, very fun and friendly. Filmed a little thing called what’s in your pocket? Basically we went around campus asking strangers, what’s in you pocket? We actually got around 10 responses, which for something that wasn’t planned was decent. took about an hour.

Got caught smoking at a no smoking sign. Not my best moment but good.

James Reid