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A Portfolio of films from intervention

Oh, i get to do a new quote.
Sometimes we all struggle. Sometimes we don’t struggle at all. Which one do we learn the most from?

Lappel Du vide, Short film by James Reid

Three’s company, Short film by Conor Purvis


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Bear Chuck productions are a small Multimedia Production company based in Glasgow, Scotland. Dedicated to creating, producing and filming a variety of projects with the creative field.

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Wolves in Scotland, Lappel du vide, Effie Trinkett, Merrieme Christmas and Dreams are Copyright Of James Reid © 2019

Three’s company, Inhale Copyright of Conor Purvis© 2019 Use by permission

Room 1046 Copyright of Savannah Cobb© 2019 Use by permission

Relapse, copyright of Sami Cummings©2019 Use by permission

The pirates of inchindown, property of New college Lanarkshire

Off your Mark Podcast, use By Permission Of Jamie Strachan