The dirt

The Dirt, A 2019 film by Jeff Trimaine.

Now with Bohemian Rhapsody stealing hearts of film and music lovers everywhere, I was only a matter of time before this happened. I want to say something a bit bold to begin with, i enjoyed this a shit load more than bo-rhap. The reason for the was, it was writing a whole lot better, with clever little ways of telling the narrative of 4 crazy musicians who will forever be famous for a list of crazy antics. The film mainly follows Nikki Sixx’s story, he is the lead in the film but the film isn’t fully about him. The film goes to places Bohemian Rhapsody didn’t dream too, it’s funny, sad, dark and cruel. The film doesn’t an excellent job of painting a picture of Motley crue and doesn’t hold back. Sex, Drug, rock and roll, Sex, Sex, Drugs, Drugs, Drugs. The film gives decent insight into each band member as an individual and where they stand within the band.

Jeff Trimaine, the man Known for directing jackass. Sheds his skin and handles directing the film very well, never boring, always entertaining. He manages to keep the fun he had in Jackass and runs with it. Now i may be over stepping my bound a bit here but i feel it was quite similar in tone to the wolf of wall street. The film comes of as a dramedy, sometimes its hard to take the characters serious but once you remind yourself that these were real people who were at the peak of glam/heavy metal you start to kinda fall on board with them and believe in them more, These guys partied with Ozzy, that itself is quite scary.

The soundtrack… the soundtrack is Motley crue what more can you want.

James Reid