How the beatles changed the world

How the Beatles changed the world. A 2017 film by Tom o Dell.

Having only recently taken a liking to the Beatles (judge me all you want) i decided to give one of their many documentaries a watch. Now there may be better documentaries, but i decided to watch this one. The narratives follows the rise and fall troupes with information available from every resource, filling us in on how the Beatles influenced pop culture and counter culture in the 1960s. The film is presented with broken interviews spliced with stock footage of the Beatles when they where at large. Although it didn’t tread new ground as far as content goes, it did paint the Beatles as 4 normal humans who just enjoyed doing their own thing after Beatlemania. The movie give almost no information on Ringo Starr at all, It doesn’t even mention he was the drummer. This seems to be me mentioning only the negatives, so on to the positives. The music was good.

James Reid