The king of kong

The King of Kong, a 2007 documentary of the elite players of Donkey Kong. The film mostly follows Steve Wiebe, a man of many talents yet still yearns for a challenge. The film portray Steve as a mostly all-round nice guy who wants to set a world record, and tell his story of breaking into a niche corner of the world. In all good sagas, there needs to be a villain and that role is gladly accepted by Steve's ultimate rival and "defending" champion Billy USA Mitchell.

From the get-go there is a clear contrast in both men's personalities Steve, a teacher and family man and Billy, a self centred egotistical maniac with a wife and a high score to protect. Although I felt the camera work wasn't great, it truly made up for it with character. Billy flat out stealing the show, you hate him but he is cringe after cringe of greatness. The use of Soundtrack throughout the film really highlighted the emotional moments and the competitive moments, uses of joe Esposito's you're the best and the cure's pictures of you are prime examples.

It's a battle of good vs evil, Stuck in the 80's.

James Reid