The act of killing

The act of killing, a 2012 documentary by film maker Joshua Oppenheimer. The film follows a group of militia Known there as Gangsters who decades before committed slaughter of around a million people. The way this people act literally left me feeling sick. They talk about events and actions committed during these events as if i were remembering a time in my youth when i stole a cigarette from my gran. It almost seems like something as unique as a human life to them was trivial and insignificant. In detail, they discuss killing countless victims as if it were a slaughter house style production line. Joshua uses the killers own desires and egos to show us the audience that these men are almost inhuman. Joshua has these men portray their action through film, they craft scene and scenarios from their past and capture them through film. The real kicker of film is anwer kongo, who near the end of the film whilst reflecting on his past for 2 and a half hours ( audience time) starts to heave and retch. To me, it felt like watching an exorcism with no release. The evil remains inside.

This film is a film you both should and shouldn’t watch, it shows you don’t need gore and nasty images to capture monsters. It shows us a dark side to humans, a side we should not have but do. I don’t think i’ll watch it again, but i’m glad i did.

James Reid