Behind the curve

A 2018 netflix documentary by daniel j clark about the trend that is “ flat earth”. Logic aside, the film follows mark sergent and patrica steele, two Flat earth celebrities who travel far and wide to spread the word that the world is indeed flat. The film portrays both in two very different ways, one, a pair of odd individuals who refuse to give up on their own personal beliefs and continue to share the truth that their beliefs are the right ones( ive definitely heard that before somewhere) and as a man smitten by a boyish crush and a fierce vixen who is a strong free thinking woman who just wants to be friends. At certain point i did question if either where gonna get together or wisen up but neither happened. I just got a failed experiment which didn’t prove shit. Then there was the even crazier guy Math Powerland, this guy was just in another dimension. He believed the earth was flat but didn’t like these other flat earthers because he believed they worked for the cia. Now before i get started of methods of treatment for these people, i want to ask, what fucking difference does it make to you life if the world is flat. Fuck all.

James Reid