Dog day afternoon

I wondered what it was like to review an older film, so i have chosen something i feel is possibly the very best bank robbery film ever made. Bold statement, maybe. This film came around in 1975 and was inspired by real life events, How accurate they are in portraying those events isn’t what i’m looking at, what i say is one location, 2 great actors and a situation. From a script point of view, it’s my dream. Moving on to Direction, the film is never brash or in your face with over the top coolness, its subtle. This helps with keep the tone from tipping one way or the other. At times, the film feels like it’s bordering on comedy caper then a piece of drama or action unfold to keep it balanced. The film stars Al Pacino and John Cazale. John Cazale, check this man’s resume. During his short career before he died of cancer the man made 6 films, 6 were nominated for best film at the Oscars, 3 of them won. Now, although people could argue what his best film was, i feel dog day afternoon steals it, no epic saga or massive overblown budget, just two great actors and a room.

James Reid