I read a fuck ton of books, I’ve just realised i’ve yet to mention that on the website, it could have been a whole new section of the website, oh well.

Here is a list of books ive got through over the past couple months-

Ghost king By David Gemmell

Haunted by Chuck Palaniuk

Once were warriors by Alan Duff

Trainspotting by irvine welsh

and half of a harry potter book, i gave up on that.

Ive bought my next batch of books to read-

Flowers in the attic by V.C andrews

The Gargoyle by Andrew davidson

White knight, Black swan by David gemmell

I read a lot because films and tv just don’t cut it for me. I need more, i want depth and flavour, to fully explore characters and locations, the tension you can experience when reading a book is totally different from watching a film. You need to earn it with a book, so the pay off is usually better. Maybe i should start reviewing books…

James Reid
The Podcast!!!

So, a while ago i did a podcast with a couple friends ( mark and Jamie) We basically sat and talked shit for an hour, which is something i think i can do really well. I can talk shit for fun, 7 days a week and twice on sunday. I think i could talk shit to myself. My mum always says i was quite as a child, just a little blonde haired angel who would watch films all day. I think i have issues, i know they aren’t serious but they are there.

Click the podcast title to listen.

James Reid

So as of now, im currently filming my 4th short film, which is based on dreams. My approach is slightly different from my usual film type. This is more of a why does our dreams, our own creations, attack us when we are least expecting it. No big heists, no fancy fight scenes just an actress, a few sets and some voiceover trying analysis why she holds on to so much guilt and trauma.

James Reid
The dancing man

When you meet Jamie Strachan, you open yourself to a world of creative pain. I got a message at a weird time, probably 3am, asking can we go film a horror film based on a creepypasta. As usual i agreed and cut to Conor purvis and i standing in Hamilton at an ungodly hour filming Jamie being chased by Paul Chalmers. The first night worked out quite well but still need a few pick up shots to finish it off. Looks like another night shoot is on the cards.

James Reid
Effie Trinkett

The gang and i got together to film a short short film, a little pointless exercise in what could be my interpretation of the meaning of incredible, although it probably isn't . We got ourseves a room, a prop gun and two actor willing to try most if not all ideas that are thrown at them. The result was this. A short film about russian roulette which isn’t actually about russian roulette. I’ve littered the film with references to other things i’ve did, enjoyed or shot. It’s me in under two minutes

James Reid