Lappel Du vide, A film by Jim Reid

L’appel Du vide, Written by James Reid and Christopher Mullin, Directed by James Reid

A Short film about a man who has made the choice to end his life, Rather them give the viewer a film full of my usual nonsense. I tried to go a little deeper. Paul Chalmers who plays the lead gave it his all during the production, and I feel his performance is one of the most emotion pieces I've filmed. This was a passion project of mine, I wrote and filmed it right after my HNC graded unit in 2018.

Lappel poster.jpg
James Reid
Three's Company, A film by Conor Purvis

Three’s company. Written and directed by Conor Purvis

Produced by James Reid

I helped my friend Conor Purvis to film Three’s company during the summer. We shot it in 12 hours and had a blast the whole time. At the last minute I was drafted in as an actor, so I had to stand and look mean then get shot in the leg(spoiler).

three poster 1.jpg
James Reid
Room 1046, A film by Savannah Cobb

During the Summer of 2018, i got involved with a project called room 1046. I was asked to write a script for the project, loosely based on real events of a locked room murder mystery. The film was directed by Savannah Cobb and starred Jamie Strachan, both of whom i had worked with before on projects. It was fun and perhaps a bit ambitious but it was eventually filmed in February 2019.

Room 1046.jpg
James Reid
Inhale, A film by Conor Purvis

As part of the university auditions, my friend Conor Purvis has made a short audition piece for the RCS. The film is about a man’s final moments before he is executed. I helped him produce it and had a small role in the movie, although my one line of dialogue got cut. We were really happy with the framing in the finished film. I will go on record to say it was the coldest shoot i’ve ever been apart of.

James Reid