I read a fuck ton of books, I’ve just realised i’ve yet to mention that on the website, it could have been a whole new section of the website, oh well.

Here is a list of books ive got through over the past couple months-

Ghost king By David Gemmell

Haunted by Chuck Palaniuk

Once were warriors by Alan Duff

Trainspotting by irvine welsh

and half of a harry potter book, i gave up on that.

Ive bought my next batch of books to read-

Flowers in the attic by V.C andrews

The Gargoyle by Andrew davidson

White knight, Black swan by David gemmell

I read a lot because films and tv just don’t cut it for me. I need more, i want depth and flavour, to fully explore characters and locations, the tension you can experience when reading a book is totally different from watching a film. You need to earn it with a book, so the pay off is usually better. Maybe i should start reviewing books…

James Reid