Thanks matt...and Chloe and Sami.

My wee buddy Matt Hardie ( sweetest guy in the world) remind me of inchindown this past week. During our Inchindown trip in October, Matt, a few lecturers, some sound students and i were subjected to Total darkness, A echo that lasted almost two minutes, Very tight spaces and being locked in an abandoned underground oil tunnel. Fuck me that shit was trippy. The sound students recorded matt on his fiddle playing a piece of music he wrote. Have you ever been in a situation where you can hear beautiful music but in total nightmare of a place? This place was fucking scary, the guy who gave us the tour was fucking scary, the man that he found before taking us on the tour was fucking scary. Basically most things about this situation was fucking scary, but i enjoyed it. Use The pirates of inchindown link for Main video

But to my point, matt asked me for the files last week so he could do a horror cut of the trip. He made a short trailer using the footage and his skills as a sound engineer. Use inchindown link For Horror edit.

I was going talk about sami but i’ll do that separately. Seem off topic.

James Reid