Again, a while ago i was asked to act in a film for my wee buddy Sami. Now any cunt that knows me, knows i hate acting but when i’m needed i’m there.

In this film i had to play a relapsing drug addict, i had pin Maja to a wall and threaten her then i had basically look fucked out my head through most of it. With the exception of a bit of sweat from a spray bottle, i didn’t act, i just showed up and played around. At the end of it all Sami got his film, i got to almost hit Maja and Chloe got showreel footage. All in all it was a good time., Apart from when i thought i was having a heart attack but it turned out to be a vape thing i bought a week before. I’m fine now.

I give you Sami’s film Relapse

James Reid