The end is in sight.

Normally i ain’t the emotional type, or really any type. I float around in my own bubble, if i’m needed i’m there, if i ain’t then i will probably be somewhere that i am needed like home, fixing a fridge or something. What i’m getting to is the end of term is coming up fast and i’m not ready to leave. It’s honestly been the most fun i’ve had in years, not a moment will be forgotten, not a skill will be wasted and i honestly hope that i have made some friends for life. Fuck, i feel like David Tennant at the end of his run of doctor who, “ i don’t wanna go”

I’ll will miss college, i will miss the people, like the canteen woman who i joke with about link sausages not suitable for rolls. Or the guy i think looks like Stephen king. Then there is the lift which takes a year to actual arrive. Or The keychain game we all play on the mac’s that only Chris Hattie knows how to complete. The Rannoch, do i need to say any more, that room felt like a base of operations, second only to W9.

I’m not saying the past two years have been an easy piece of cake, it hasn’t but the cake was fucking worth it none the less.

James Reid