Tackling round 3 and an adventure to fife...

I hit the editing hard, 3 hours non stop. I made adjustments in my showreel which reflect the feedback i was giving on friday that with the new voice over and a totally new section which didn’t even exist before. I’ve added a very light piano before the final lift, so now i believe the ending has more… for want of a better word, flavour.

Seeing that i’m a decent person, you know nice, good looking, charming, with a personality that could unboil an egg, i decided to help my wee buddy George to make his film in Fife since he was running low on crew, Turns out i’m the camera op. Since i never normally do camera work unless it’s steadycam, i took this opportunity to test myself. Wouldn’t you know George ain’t using a canon camera( which is pretty much the only camera i’ve used With exceptions in the sony v1e and black magic. I set about it like a dog eating pudding. 15minutes in and i was up to date with all the functions. Quite proud of myself for that one. Decent wee day out, might do it again tomorrow.

James Reid