Black swan vs whiplash

I’ve got an obsession These films. I love the Narrative and themes about what an artist will go through to achieve perfection. This isn’t a stand off between these films, I’m not going to pick a winner at the end. Both are great, unique and well worth watching.

Black swan, Directed by Darren Aronofsky. The film which got Natalie Portman the Oscar. The film is A psychological personal drama which Plays out like a mystery film. Portman’s character Manages to secure the lead role in Swan lake, She is perfect as the white swan but has trouble finding herself as the Black Swan.

Through the film her mind begins to slip, pressure gets to her, Expections are high but through it all she never gives up. She eventually snaps at some point, Narratives get a bit twisted but eventually come back around.

Now i wonder, Did some part of her character’s brain decide “ we can’t do this, we need to flip the switch and got full travis bickle” Did her psyche decide she could do it, unless she snapped or did she just snap and end up doing it perfectly as a result?

Do you follow me? Doesn’t matter.

Weird thing is normally Darren Aronofsky is a hit and miss with me, I enjoyed the wrestler and requiem for a dream but his film are just… Meh. they usually leave me annoyed, i like deep thinking shit, but if i can’t relate to the thoughts i’m suppose to think about, then why bother? The main suspect here is the fountain. That film… ( deep breathes) Back to black Swan, The camera work and editing was of the chart, fucking amazing. The end ballet scene is among my favourite sequences in film, so much so, i have taken influence from it for my up and coming film. ( mine will obviously be dog Shit compared to that)

Thank you Darren Aronofsky. Now do it again and show thinking about it, act, don’t react.

Whiplash by Damien Chazelle. Again if you ain’t seen it, go watch it now. Jk Simmons Steals every frame he is in. What i’d like to say about the film is, was there method behind the madness?

I think yes.

the film Follows a young drummer called andrew who dreams of being amazing, he gets a chance to play in a big band conducted by Fletcher( simmons) Who at first is almost warming and helpful to andrew until andrew sets foot in his rehearsal room. From Here Fletcher becoming a mean son of a bitch, throwing chair and abuses at any student who isn’t performing at their best at all times.

Now, a normal person might see fletcher as a dick, and he is. But he is doing it for a reason, he wants the best. If you can’t be your best then quit. ( his band) but if you stay you could be in with a shot of becoming great as seen with andrew’s performance during the climax. Its like 9 minutes of cinema gold that leaves you choking for more. The editing and script on this film was fucking fantastic. Jk simmons would eventually get a best supporting actor oscar for his part in the film. Well deserved.

A famous thought exercise “ is art worth dying for?”

Now i don’t think it’s worth dying for, but it’s definitely worth sacrificing Stuff for. Today, people are plagued with having shit giving to them, hardship is almost becoming a thing of the past, Less and less kids aren’t playing instruments or being told to write stories. In a way i think what i’m trying to get to is that art need hardship, you might not enjoy it, but i think it’s necessary.

James Reid