Running Scared

One of those film which is lost and forgotten, although it’s still available, Running Scared, a 2006 film by Wayne Kramer. The film follows one night in the life of a low level mafia hired gun. Now on the surface the film ain’t special, perhaps even under the surface it isn’t special, But for a strange reason i quite enjoyed it. I think it could be the fact that the film reminds me of a nightmarish fairy-tale filled with odd characters and chance happening which don’t occur in reality. The director takes us on a bizarre and almost surreal experience of this world from the point of view of a little boy and hired gun. At some-point the film is over stylised And this could be down to the films which were being released around this time such as 300. I think what i’m trying to say here is, that this film had potential but failed to deliver due fitting in to a trend rather than following it’s own path.

James Reid