Hey Jim, don't be afraid.

Coming to a realisation, letting people in, letting people go, the future is waiting and i’m grabbing it by the balls. Never let anything or one stand in the way. Now this might sound like a shitty wee quote you get on a fridge magnet, usually owned by people who claim they want to make a change in their lives but never actual do anything to make the change. Without trying to suck up my own arse, put something in front of me and i’ll go through it. It might take me a while, i might naw get it first shot but i will do it, believe me about that sunshine i will. The point in this post… nothing. Just a rant. these journals are suppose to reflect my own personal journey through HND, so if i just uploaded a bunch claiming that i’m currently doing work, is that a true reflection? What if i give you a current up date on my actual mental state? Or thoughts about modules?

How much is too much, and how little is not enough?

My sister in law claimed i was selfish for eating her last cornetto cone, i still don’t feel selfish. if it’s in there it’s fair game. Label that shit if you want to keep it.

‘‘ Something happen here, what it is ain’t exactly clear. There’s a man with a cone over there’’

Buffalo Springfield’s song ain’t got the same ring to it when you change the problem to a cone.

On to more important matters, what’s the best song of the 60’s and could easy rider be one of the best movie soundtracks ever. It’s fucking timeless!

James Reid