Napier and a showreel

So, i have made it to Edinburgh Napier university. I managed to get myself a third year placement on the condition that i finish my current course. I really could stop smiling, it was a good feeling of achievement. Whenever i look back at this point in my life, whether im successful or a failure, i’ll there was a moment that really felt like i was winning at something. Some people would just say, let’s try it and see what happens, il try til it fucking hurts. Push forwards, let off steam, push forwards more, it’s doesn’t matter if you stop for a second or two but keep moving forwards, even if it’s inches, it’s still forwards. that is my current view on my graded unit, if i need to do more, then i do more.

Showreel is coming on nicely, got a bit of feedback from Michael about adding some finesse to it. More finesse and finishing touches in all my work would improve my content and i cannot argue with him. I know my faults, i need to improve my skills more but at such a late time in graded unit i feel i may be too late. Who knows?

James Reid