Gimbals. photos by Jade Hurd

Gimbals. photos by Jade Hurd

I never know what to say about myself, Normally i’m quite good at reflecting on my life but when trying to describe myself i just lose the ability to write. I’m Jim Reid, i’m 30 or 31 if you are reading this on June 28th 2019, or if you are reading it in the distance future, do the fucking maths cos i ain’t doing it.

I’ve began Studying at Edinburgh Napier university, then to New college Lanarkshire for two years then hopefully back to Napier again after the summer of 2019.

I enjoy writing and trolling. I think in order to troll correctly you need to be well rehearsed in the subject you are trolling. Don’t hold back on the details, the details make it.

well as cliche as it sounds i’ve been interested in films since i was a small child and always dreamt about making a film, aye pretty much everyone has that kind of story.

Is there anything that makes me different or sets me apart from the crowd? Probably not, doesn’t mean i should try anyway, does it? I don’t make films or write stories to please people or make money, i do it because i fucking enjoy it. It’s fun. I get to play god with my character’s and give them sad endings. I’m kidding, i don’t enjoy it… now i’m lying.

What about me? What about me? What about me? i don’t think i can justify my whole being in a couple paragraphs, it would be a book or two. Perhaps if you aren’t busy we could share a whiskey and trade war stories or show scars like they did in Jaws, i’ve got a decent wee scar on my finger from using a bushman saw. I’ll show you sometime…

Jim Reid