Wolves In Scotland

My First short film. The film follows two brothers discussing trivial matters whilst carrying out a macabre act. I try to allows avoid plot on this because i felt there wasn’t any story to tell, just events and banter with no real point. I basically just had fun.

The Film starred Jamie Strachan and Greg James Cross, Both of which i worked with again. Great guys, Great actors.

Screenshot (40).png

Lappel Du Vide

My Second film, I tried a bit harder, went a bit deeper into the character and came out with a film better than my first effort. I tackled the subject of male suicide. Which is a subject i feel i owe a bit of thought about. I managed to get a composer called Emily Frances Ippolito to score the full film, which i think works to great effect during each scene.

Paul Chalmers, the Lead actor, really stole the show. On screen he was in the zone, fully committed to the character then off camera Very funny, Charming man who will be going places in the future.



I decided to explore the randomness of dreams, What are dreams?

I sometimes wonder why our minds attack us when we are sleeping, Sometimes you can have the best dreams ever, other times you wake up feeling like shit.

I managed to get an actress called Jade Hurd to star in this project, I’ve been trying to do a film with Jade for over a year, our paths crossed on films but we never managed to make something together. So we both felt this was right. I even managed to get jade to write a scene inspired from her dreams.

This film is currently in Post-Production.